Sabina Gift Card

Looking for a present for your loved ones? Give them the freedom – the freedom of choice – and your present will be the best one! «Sabina» Gift Card is a nice and convenient present.
In addition to existing cards with following values: 10, 20, 50 and 100 AZN, cards with 200 AZN and 500 AZN were also included.

Sabina Gift Cards user guidelines

- The holder of gift card can make a purchase any number of goods by using this card, where total value of the purchase does not exceed the value of the card
- Exchanging the gift card for money is not valid
- Gift Card is activated as immediate purchase
- In case when the cost of purchase exceeds the value of the gift card – it is possible to make an additional payment in cash
- In case when the cost of the purchase is less than the value of the card – the sum of the difference is not returned to the holder.


Sabina Perfumery & Cosmetics Chain is grateful for you for being our customer!
We make sure that shopping in our shops brings you not only pleasure and joy, but also benefits. And to this purposes, we created the “Sabina” club for our loyal customers and introduced “Sabina Club” loyalty cards with the possibility to gain up to 20% discount.
Sabina Club loyalty card can be obtained for free in any Sabina shops with 0% discount after the immediate purchase of 100AZN.
Sabina Club discounts are allocated as following:
The amount of the accumulated sum:
From, 200 till 499 AZN - 5%
from 500 till 1499 AZN - 10%
from 1500 till 3999 AZN - 15%
from 4000 and more - 20%
1. The sum of the purchase is accrued on the balance of the card
2. The maximum discount for Chanel brand – 10%
3. Discount on buying Sabina Gift certificates – 0%
4. Discount is not applied on Hermes products Sabina Club loyalty card user guidelines:

- Sabina Club (Discount) card is valid in all «Sabina» stores
- The amount of the discount depends on the sum of the accumulated savings during the last 12 months
- Sabina Club (Discount) card is valid only upon on presentation of an identity document, and is not transferable to third parties
- Sabina Club (Discount) card has no limit of the period of use.
- You can check the balance on your own on our official website and monitor all the operations carried out on the card
- To do this, fill thirteen digit barcode from your card in a cell on the upper-right corner of the page after the words "Balance Test club card" and click either on "a gold arrow" or Enter.
- Lost, damaged and unusable cards can be recovered
- Providing discounts and making changes of the conditions are determined by «Sabina P & C» company and may be changed due to the decision of the company
- We hope that Sabina Club (Discount) card will make your visits to our stores even more enjoyable

SABINA - Always with you, always for you! The Balance "by brand" *
By presenting Sabina Club (a discount) card at the time of purchase, you replenish not only your cash balance to increase the percentage of discount, but also you refill your balance "by brands."
This function has been activated on your card since the 1st August 2011

What does it mean?
The funds spent on the purchase of goods of the following brands are made to the balance of the relevant brand.
Estee Lauder
Methode Jeanne Piaubert
Yves Saint Laurent

In case of the amount of the balance for any brand exceeds 500 AZN, the client will receive a 5% bonus of the accumulated amount.
This bonus can be used in order to receive goods for free from the corresponding brand
For instance:
Client who has a 15% discount, purchases:
Tights – 25,4 AZN
Underwear – 48,6 AZN
Biotherm – 680 AZN
Shiseido – 340 AZN
Total retail price is 1094 AZN.
1094-15%=929,9 AZN - is to be paid.
The monetary balance is increased by 929.9 AZN
In contrast to the monetary balance, which is increased by paid (net) amount, the balance by brand is calculated by retail value.
Thus, the balance of the Shiseido brand is 340 AZN.
Balance by Biotherm brand is 680 AZN. Since the balance of Biotherm brand exceeds 500 AZN, the customer can use the bonus 680 * 5% = 34 AZN, which means: either receive for free Biotherm products under 34 AZN or to continue to increase the balance by Biotherm brand.
If the client uses, for example, only 20 AZN bonus, the amount of the balance is reduced by 400 AZN respectively and the further accumulation of the brand continues with the remaining amount of the balance which is 280 AZN, but the right to use the bonus again will be possible only when the amount of the balance of brand will exceed 500 AZN. To check the "balance of the brand" is possible in any «Sabina» store, or independently, on our website.
From now on, purchasing products of leading brands in “Sabina Perfumery and Cosmetic” stores became even more favorable!
SABINA - Always with you, always for you!
* Taking the advantage of a bonus (to receive a gift) from the savings by brands at any time except for holiday periods from 25th of December to 31st of December and from 1st to 9th of March each year.